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millionaire matchmaker Pari LivermoreGentlemen’s Quarterly
“Pari observed that two types were virtually absent from the charity circuit – single men and working women. She conceived what has since become her magnum opus, the Red and White Ball, a black-tie party honoring the Bay Area’s most eligible bachelors. The ball would be organized by women with full-time careers, meeting at night, rather than by Junior Leaguers or matrons of the leisure class. Since its debut in 1986, the annual singles event – now up to 450 men and women – has raised $3 million for charity. The lucky bachelors of the forty all contribute generously. And the women who work the longest hours at organizing and running the ball tend to have the inside track on Pari’s introductions to the biggest catches.”  read more
Hello, Pari! by Alan Deutschman, Gentlemen’s Quarterly


Marie Claire
“When it comes to love, life isn’t a Jane Austen novel. There’s online dating, speed dating…or no dating. That’s where matchmaker Pari Livermore is out to change. A San Francisco radio and TV personality, she sets up local singles in her spare time.”  read more
Make Me a Match by Abigal Pesta, Marie Claire







Pari Livermore, millionaire matchmaker and charity fundraiserC Magazine 11.2.10
“Pari Livermore is a major player in Silicon Valley. No, not creating the next Facebook; instead, she’s introducing something a machine can’t generate: chemistry. The 60-something Livermore has quietly become the tech world’s top matchmaker.”  read more
Make Me a Match: How one woman is making love connections in Silicon Valley by Susan Campos, C Magazine






Marin Magazine article on Pari LivermoreMarin Magazine
Marin’s queen of hearts, matchmaker Pari Livermore, doesn’t do it for the money.”  read more
– Marin Interview by Mimi Towle, Marin Magazine